Saving Accounts

With Cairo Amman Bank Savings Account customers can now enjoy a wide variety of added value benefits.

  • Account Holders
    • Jordanians and non-Jordanians.
  • Features
    • They are periodic interest accounts, where a semi-annual interest is allocated for customers’ accounts (end of June and end of December).
    • Opening an account in any currency.
    • 24 hours withdrawal service using CAB ATM network
    • Deposit and withdrawal branch services during CAB branches working hours (include link for CAB working hours)
    • Savings account holder is given Debit Card.
    • Renewable winning opportunities to enter the draw on valuable prizes for the accounts which are opened in Jordanian dinar or dollar.
    • All Savings Account holders can apply for CAB Online Banking service.
    • Minimum amount for opening a saving account is 200 Jordanian Dinar or 300 Dollar.
    • All Savings Account holders will receive instant SMS messages in their transactions.
    • Free monthly e-statement sent to the account holder’s email address or CAB designated email.